• Lisbon

    Rome, Italy

    Take a stroll around Rome in monochrome from Monti all the way to Trastevere with a stop in Campo di Fiori for some people watching.
    Bath, England

Biciclette Hot Peppers

Patio Interno

La vita a Monti

Light from heaven

Modes of transportation

The Cigar Smoker

The Flower Seller

La Bella Signora a Campo di Fiori


The Nose Blower

The One Not Selling



The Garden of Statues

The Interior Garden of Statues


Santa Cecilia




A Monti


Cardiff, Wales

In the Welsh capital along Castle Street there's the 19th century Animal Wall featuring several animal statues protecting the castle and park from invaders.

Greystones-Bray Cliff Walk

Along the Irish Sea on the northern shores of County Wicklow sits this nice path from one town to the other.

Killarney, Co. Kerry

Buried in the south west of Ireland around Killarney we can still find the fairy tale landscapes of the Celtic myths.


The Grand Canyon State

Las Vegas, NV

Weekend in Las Vegas, NV (2010)


Wandering the Portuguese capital city.

Rome, Italy

Roma in bianco e nero

Bath, England

Ancient Roman town in England.

Brussels & Ghent, Belgium

Original French Fries, Chocolate and Beer! Need I say more?